Maybe you’re ready for that
you’ve been wanting to do.

Maybe it’s time to
write a book
learn to sing
take a trip to India
become a public speaker
open a pet store
call yourself an artist
study zoology
teach children how to dance.

Maybe you don’t have to be afraid anymore.

Maybe the old stories you’ve been telling yourself –
you’re not thin enough
you won’t make enough money
people won’t take you seriously
you need to have a Masters degree
you’re not talented enough
– just aren’t true after all.

Maybe those people who are trying to stop you
are just trying to protect you
but maybe their fear doesn’t have to be your fear.

Maybe some of those things you’re afraid of
really will happen, and you’ll
fall on your face
embarrass yourself
lose money

But maybe you’re strong enough to survive those thing
and you’ll learn from them
and the next time you’re brave enough to try
you’ll succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Maybe there are people waiting for exactly the kind of
you have to offer and they can’t move forward
until you share it with them.

Maybe there is someone who is hurting
and the thing that you have to offer
is just what will heal them.

Maybe there is someone whose world has turned ugly
and the painting you have been longing to paint
will point them toward beauty and hope

Maybe you have the power to make someone smile.

Maybe you have the answer to someone’s longing.

Maybe you have the compassion to make someone feel loved.

Maybe you have the courage to change someone’s life.

Maybe God has given you
all of the gifts that you need
to make that
and S/he’s just waiting (and longing) to see you do it.

Maybe you can fly.

my daughter and niece learning to fly

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