I’m getting ready for a lazy, luxurious week at a cabin with my family, so my thoughts are only dipping into the shallow end of the pool these days. No profound insights, no soapboxes – just easy, sweet gratitude for all that is good in the world.

Here’s are a few of the things I’m savouring this summer, and a few that I’m hoping to savour next week:

  • Bike rides. Oh how I love them and how sad I am that I blew a tire and couldn’t ride today.
  • Lazy afternoons on the front lawn with a book and a glass of iced tea (or wine, if I’m in the mood)
  • The world’s best pizza cooked outdoors on a wood-fired brick oven
  • Easy conversations on my brother’s verandah
  • Paddling a canoe through some of Canada’s many beautiful lakes
  • Connecting with incredible, adventurous women around a campfire in the stillness of the wilderness
  • Beach afternoons with my daughters
  • Inspiring, energizing, easy conversations with some new and beautiful friends (you know who you are)
  • Brave and honest and hopeful email exchanges with other friends (I’m talkin’ about you and you)
  • The promise of EVEN MORE conversations and connections with people who inspire me (you could be next!)
  • The excited energy I get when I think of what will be blossoming for me in the near future
  • A lunch date with a dear friend and mentor
  • Wandering through a lazy beach town with my beloved on our anniversary
  • Thai food and wine with some of the beautiful (and local) women I met at ALIA
  • Watching my daughters play soccer and making deeper connections with some of the other soccer parents
  • An upcoming walk on the beach with a cousin who’s become a friend
  • Folk Festival (of course!)
  • Tonight’s yoga and dinner night on a patio overlooking the river with a great bunch of women
  • Chillin’ in the lazy river at Valley Fair with my girls

As I look over the list (and this is only a partial list of all the goodness in my life), I realize that most of the things I’m savouring are the connections I’ve made with people in my life. I am so blessed to be the recipient of such great love and friendship.

What are YOU savouring? (And, yes, that IS the way we spell savour in Canada!)

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