There’s something BIG bubbling on the internet. Can you feel it?

It’s bubbling in the comments of my last post. It’s bubbling over at Jen’s site and Tara’s site and Rachelle’s site, and in conversations with wise people like Lianne and Desiree.

It’s not just me feeling the nudges of Sophia to get out there and DO SOMETHING. Lots of women are stepping up and saying “Hey! That’s enough! We are tired of seeing youth commit suicide because of discrimination. We’ve had enough of young girls getting taken into sex slavery or being forced to marry at the age of twelve. We are FED UP with the number of women getting raped in conflict situations.”

Those of us coming of age in the post-feminist era have spent a couple of decades figuring out just how to be fully alive, spiritually awakened, and in love with ourselves. We’ve been to the spiritual retreats, we’ve spent hours on yoga mats and meditation cushions… and that’s all good stuff. (Sophia loves it when we retreat and get groovy with her.) But now it’s time to get OFF THE MAT and shake this world up with a real live revolution!

I don’t mean we should leave our spirituality and self-discovery behind – I mean that we should take it with us and PUT IT TO USE! (This is not your father’s revolution, after all.)

This much I know… Sophia is a major pest and she won’t let us live with ourselves until we live what we preach.

So here’s what I’m going to do for starters…

I pledge to trust my feminine wisdom to help me make a difference in the world for the young women on this list (pictured below) who have been taken into slavery and are actively being searched for by a wonderful, home-grown organization I spent time with in India.  (Read more about that here.)

I’m working on some plans to give a portion of the proceeds of whatever money comes in from Sophia Leadership to this organization. When I visited two years ago, they were building a new facility where the young women who they’d rescued could live and be rehabilitated and trained for some occupation (we met women who were learning to sew, for example). I don’t know if the building is complete, but I’m going to get in touch with them and find out what kind of project we can help them support.

It’s time, people. Time to start imagining what can change if ALL of us (women AND men) learn to trust our feminine wisdom, learn to act out of compassion instead of just the bottom line, learn to honour the beauty in everyone, learn to trust the spiritual core in each of us that longs to reach out to the spiritual core in others, learn to use our yoga, our meditation, our writing, our voices, our wisdom, and all of the things we’ve been gifted with to CHANGE THE WORLD!

Are you ready for a revolution?

If my post hasn’t managed to fire you up, maybe this video will. (Thanks to Kind Over Matter for the link.)


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