There may come a time, my friend,
when you have lived too many lives
that are not your own,
followed too many rules that broke your spirit,
and mastered the art of imitation.
This will be a time when you’ve forgotten your own shape
and you find that you no longer remember
just how to be a woman.
Believe this: you can remember again,
you can fit back into the shape that you were meant to be.
It hasn’t truly gone away.

Start by taking a deep breath
and sit quietly while you
listen to the wisdom written on your heart
by your God/Goddess.

Be kind to yourself
caress your skin, your hair,
your breasts,
all the body bits that make you woman.

Gently touch the flabby bits, the too-skinny bits,
the old bits, the not-perfect bits

Stop to kiss Mother Earth, Gaia,
bend your knees, run your fingers through her soil
hug her trees, blow kisses into her wind.

Twirl your skirts
kick up your heels
and dance while you listen
to the music nobody else hears.

Then, when you are ready, turn your head in the direction
your own journey calls you
and don’t look back
even when you hear the cries
of those who feel betrayed
by your leaving.

Stand tall, my friend,
you need to be courageous for this remembering
you need to be ready to break things
shift things
disturb the status quo.

You need to be powerful,
and wise, and steadfast,
in this re-birth
because it is what is expected of you
by all of those waiting for you to lead them.

Make no mistake –
they ARE waiting for you to lead them
because they are afraid,
they are hurting,
and they have lost their way.

They need your strength,
your courage,
your beauty,
your art,
to lead them into this new place.

But first,
be gentle,
sit quietly,
for you need this time of rest
to prepare you for the journey.

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