crunchy leaves underfoot
conversations that comfort and challenge
epiphanies in coffee shops
my new macbook
my husband, who sold his boat to buy me a macbook
the new ipod touch that came free with the macbook
the amazing wisdom from teachnow that is soaking into my heart
fall weather so beautiful it’s difficult to stay inside
sophia and all that she is birthing in me
birthday breakfast with my mother-in-law who looks finally at peace
potatoes baking in the oven for tonight’s thanksgiving meal
extended family that I’ll share tonight’s meal with
daughters treating each other with respect (at least at this moment)
wandering in the sunshine on a Friday afternoon
new business cards, on order, complete with my own photography
upcoming inspiration
these words, shaping me… “I am a teacher”
these other words, long alive in me… “I am a writer”
running past a bird-song-filled pond while a hot air balloon is rising with the sun
comfortable running shoes
a new water bottle & ipod holster that makes the running even more pleasant
three new books waiting to be savoured
watching my oldest daughter play volleyball passionately after a difficult year of no sports
my camera
the peace of knowing I’ve taken the right step

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