running in the snow– Running in the fresh snow (well, okay… the real joy was in the FINISHING!)

– My iPod that keeps me entertained while I run

– The delicious chicken vindaloo curry my husband cooked the other night

– The beautiful winter wonderland outside my window

– Hoarfrost-covered trees at the legislative building that took my breath away when I stepped out of my classroom at lunch time

– Hosting our former mayoral candidate, Judy Wasylycia-Leis, as our guest speaker in class this week

– Lunch with my smart and funny friend Susan

– Lunch with a new friend, wise and warm Priscilla

– Watching the delighted children in the downtown walkway discover the purple walls and remembering that “it pisses God off when you walk past the colour purple without noticing”

– Surviving a root canal by re-listening to the Teacher’s Path podcast of the delightful Jen Louden interviewing the equally delightful Jack Ridl

– The fact that I have a kind and gentle dentist who does his best to make root canals as pleasant as they can be

– Hot baths. And the fact that I have more opportunity for them now that I don’t have to rush out the door to a downtown office every day

– This art project that is the brainchild of my former art teacher

– Dreaming up some workshop and retreat ideas and falling in love with the possibilities

– Tonight’s book club meeting that should probably be called a “wine and conversation club meeting” instead because we rarely discuss the book in question

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