Body: It’s a running day today. Oh how I love to run! Let’s go!

Heart: Yes, that running thing is really growing on me too. I’m in!

Mind: Are you crazy?!? It’s minus 41 degrees out there!

Body: Well, we can go to the gym instead then. I want to run!

Mind: But we’d have to take the bus to the gym and… we just don’t have time for that this morning. We have to get some writing done. We can go to the gym tonight.

Body: Well then let’s at least do some yoga. I need a little movement this morning.

Heart: I was kind of looking forward to a little movement too. Movement helps me pray.

Mind: Don’t be silly. We don’t have time for movement. If we don’t get some writing done this morning, we won’t have any other chance this week.

Body: But you won’t be able to focus on writing if we don’t get to move.

Heart: I’m feeling anxious right now. Can you two get this resolved so we can all feel a little more settled about the day?

Mind: Okay, it’s settled. I’m the boss around here – time to sit your butt down in that chair and write!

Body: You can force me to sit in the chair, but you can’t force me to cooperate! If we don’t move first, you won’t be very productive and you’ll be VERY frustrated later.

Mind: Can you just shut up already? Moving is a waste of time! Writing is what we’ve been called to do, not moving. Moving is for sissies!

Body: Is not!

Mind: Is too!

Body: Is not!

Mind: Is too! Sissy!

Heart: Please! You two are behaving badly. It’s really starting to upset me.

Body: Well, Mind is being a bully and I’m tired of it! She’s been Queen of the Hill for so long – when is it my turn?

Heart: Nobody needs to be Queen of the Hill. Can’t we all just work together?

Mind: Ha! That’s a pipe dream. Neither of you can function without ME!

Body: Oh you think you’re so special. Let’s see you get your thoughts on paper without ME!

Heart: Sigh. Look – can I suggest a compromise?

Mind & Body: What?

Heart: Well, if we just spend 25 minutes on the mat, it won’t take a lot of time away from our writing, but it will help all of us feel more settled and in the end we’ll be more productive.

Body: Works for me. As long as I still get to go running tonight.

Mind: Fine. I guess I can compromise. But you can’t force me to focus on all that breathing and body stuff. I’m going on my own journey. I’ve got a thousand things to think about – like how we’re going to pay the bills, what groceries we need to buy, when we’ll find time to mark papers for Thursday’s class…

Heart: Can you at least help me out a little and try to be still for a couple of moments so I can pray?

Mind: But… you know how restless I get with stillness. It makes me nervous.

Heart: Just try it for a few seconds at a time. You might grow to like it.

Body: Okay, let’s go – the mat’s ready!

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