A few updates:

1. I’m no longer blogging at my old blog, Fumbling for Words. I decided it was time to stop fumbling and just start writing. It was a little sad letting that URL go after nearly six years, but it felt like it was time. I have, however, migrated all of my posts from there onto this blog, so you can find any of my old posts here.

2. As many of you know, a book is in the works. It’s taking top priority right now, so I’m not going to promise that I’ll be the world’s best blogger. One or two posts a week is all you can expect to find here. If you find more, it might be a good time to send me a little note that says “GET BACK TO WRITING YOUR BOOK!”

3. That being said, as crazy as it may sound, I’ve started a NEW blog. As you can tell from my last few posts, I’ve fallen in love with running. It’s starting to take over too many of my posts around here and it doesn’t totally fit with what I want to do here. Plus I’m annoying my Facebook friends because every time I run I come home on an adrenalin high and I just want to shout “I WENT RUNNING! IT WAS AMAZING!” So I decided to house my little love affair with running over at a new home called Running Practice. It’s partly about how my running practice has become my spiritual practice, my creativity booster, and so much more. I won’t promise any brilliance over there, though – some days it will just say “I went running. It was amazing!”

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