12 Secrets: an art journal playground

21 Secrets: an art journal playground

In the past few years, my art journal has become an important part of my self-discovery and my way of processing the world. There are pages in it that represent some pretty significant highs and lows in my life.

Because it holds such a special place in my life, I am thrilled that my dear friend Connie Hozvicka (a contributor to my e-book) has invited me to participate in 21 Secrets: an art journal playground. I have already produced the video in which my secret is revealed, and it is one of the most tender, vulnerable pieces of work I have ever produced. I know that it will resonate for a lot of you.

If you sign up for 21 Secrets, you’ll learn art journal secrets from an impressive circle of people. Here’s a little video that will give you a small taste of what you can expect from my workshop.

Playing Big

My friend (and one of the contributors to my e-book) Tara Sophia Mohr is teaching an intensive leadership and development workshop for women who want to let go of fear and learn to play big. I know that it will be an awesome experience and I hope that you will consider being part of it. Tara is full of wisdom and strength and I know that she will introduce you to some amazing ideas and will help you unearth some possibilities you may not have even dared to dream about.

Teach Now

I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth mentioning again. Six months ago, I signed up for Teach Now by Jennifer Louden and Michele Lisenbury Christensen (another contributor to my e-book) and it changed my life. I was just about to start teaching my first writing course at university, and  this workshop had a huge impact on the kind of teacher I became. Teach Now is about offering your authentic self in your teaching and creating a safe container for learning to happen for your students AND for yourself. It had such a significant impact on me that I still listen to the podcasts & interviews on my iPod. Their free call is on March 24th and you really should sign up if you do any kind of teaching, or ever dream of doing it. (If you can’t make it, they’re very good at recording calls and sharing them later.)

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I’ve just prepared my very first newsletter and it will be going out on Monday. If you haven’t signed up for it yet (and gotten your free copy of “Sophia Rises: changing the world through feminine wisdom“), be sure to add your email to the box on the right. In this newsletter, I’m talking about whether it is helpful to differentiate between feminine wisdom and masculine wisdom. To illustrate my point, I’ve shared a few stories, including one about how a black man from Africa (my friend ‘Segun) helped this white woman from Canada birth an e-book about feminine wisdom, and one about how we were rescued recently when our van got stuck trying to navigate a huge snowdrift (yes, it’s still winter around here).

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