Sophia Rises: Changing the world through feminine wisdom

I am SO excited to announce the launch of my free e-book – “Sophia Rises: Changing the world through feminine wisdom”

All you have to do to get the e-book is to go over to that box on the right hand side of your screen and add your email address to my list. (Don’t worry – I have no intention of inundating you with emails. I’ll just be sending out periodic updates about what’s going on around here.)

This is no ordinary e-book. And it’s not just a collection of my thoughts. It’s so much MORE!

It is a beautiful collaboration of 21 amazing people who are all thinking about how they can make the world a better place through writing, dance, yoga, international development, art, leadership workshops, conversations, music, circle council, and a whole lot more.

It’s a global effort – contributors hail from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, the Czech Republic, and all over Canada and the U.S.

On top of all that, it’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Thanks to art from some of the contributors and the amazing design work of my friend Segun Olude, its beauty will inspire you even if you never read the words (but you really should).

The painting on the front was done by me, inspired by a painting I saw at a local retreat centre, painted by Mary Southard.

Here’s a sneak peak – a piece that I contributed…

an open letter to my daughters

an open letter to my daughters

Sophia Leadership was never meant to be a solo journey. Right from the beginning, when I began to dream it up around a table with two other women, one man, some coloured markers and a collaborative doodle art piece, I envisioned it being a place where wisdom of every kind is welcomed and we all dream of a different world together.

With that dream in the back of my mind, I started putting out the call to people who had inspired me in recent years – people I’d met in my travels, people I’ve worked with on design projects, people I’d had delightful conversations with at various learning events, and people whose books and blogs had inspired me. Twenty of those people responded and their wisdom BLOWS ME AWAY!

You really need to read this.

You really need to let these ideas soak into your heart.

It will change you and inspire you.

It will help you dream bigger dreams about how feminine wisdom (in ALL of us – women AND men) can change the world.

Today is the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day and I can’t think of a better day to launch this project!

Here are the contributors: (I am SO honoured to be in the company of such an amazing circle of people!)

L to R:

1. Connie Hozvicka, Chris Zydel, Tara Sophia Mohr, Michele Visser-Wikkerink, Dara McKinley, Segun Olude,

2. Mihirini de Zoysa, Ronna Detrick, Tom Ryan, Diane Jung, Vurayayi Pugeni, Katharine Weinmann, Christine Claire Reed,

3. Rachelle Mee-Chapman, Jarda Dokoupil, Michele Lisenbury-Christensen, Julie Daley, Heather Plett (me), Desiree Adaway, Michael Jones

AND here are some other people writing related posts. If this has inspired you, please add your post below so that these ideas can spread even further!

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