We interrupt your regular programming to bring you… a little joy. 🙂

The interviews for my “Letting go of the Ground” series have been beyond amazing. I have several more that I can’t wait to share with you. So many stories, so much wisdom, so much courage!

Today’s a mini-vacation though (the girls are on Spring Break and we’re going on little road trip), so I thought I’d take a little break from the interviews and share a little JOY!

Here are the things bringing me joy these days:

– The road trip. A girls only mini-vacation with friends who make us laugh.

– Amazing connections with really wise people. This interview series and my e-book are full of incredible wisdom and it humbles and amazes me (and baffles me somewhat) that I’ve managed to surround myself with so many smart people. Wow. Really… WOW.

– And the connections go even further. Remember ALIA? One of my favourite events of last year? Well, I’m going again in June AND in the space of time between now and then, I get to interview a number of the really smart people on the faculty for their “Change for Good” project. This is amazing stuff, people. These are world-changing, deep-thinking, knock-my-socks-off kinda people and I get to have one-on-one conversations with them. Pinch me! Here’s one example.

– Spring. Oh my – it can’t come soon enough! SO glad to have this hard long winter over!

Running. Still loving it. This morning – seven miles in the crisp air.

– The administration in the University program I teach at saying “You’ve managed to build trust with the students. We want MORE of you.” And then having them offer me more classes to teach.

– One of my students (with a sparkle in her eyes) blaming me for exposing her to so many ideas and possibilities, that she just can’t go back to her “safe” way of thinking anymore.

– Chai latte with my friend Jo-Anne tomorrow. We have the GREATEST conversations.

– More people downloading my e-book in three weeks than I dared to dream of. So many people responding with gratitude, saying how much it means to them.

– Another upcoming opportunity to teach my “Leading with your Paint Clothes on” workshop.

– My book! I think I’ve finished the first draft! (I say “think”, because I’m going to sit with it for awhile to see if anything else needs to emerge.) And the best part is – I’m feeling really happy with it so far.

– Living this dream of writing and teaching and creating for a living and LOVING every minute of it.

p.s. If you’re reading this, and you’re in the middle of a lot of pain and ugliness right now, and you’re thinking “oh my gosh, I wish this Pollyanna would just shut up with the joy already”, just know this… it gets better. Just after writing this, I realized that a year ago, I was in a horrible place of transition and ugliness and dealing with a husband slipping into a deep dark depression. Let me tell you, I know from personal experience that it gets better.

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