This week I’ve been working on my book, and a few other creative assignments, and so I haven’t been blogging much. In the absence of a blog post, here’s a little piece from the book I’m working on. It wasn’t originally supposed to be about feminine wisdom, but it seems to be an emerging theme nonetheless. Books have a way of making up their own minds about what they’re going to be.

It’s not that I’ve replaced my understanding of a masculine God with an entirely feminine one, it’s just that I’ve learned that there are many ways for God to be present in the world and in my life. The feminine spiritual energy that can be experienced through labyrinths or body work is different from the masculine energy of logic or ration or debate or even language.

I think that’s one of the reasons why we mostly read about God in masculine form. The feminine form is much more difficult to put into words, much more mysterious, and much harder to fit into a box. It is also harder to trust because it dances with mystery. It must be experienced in a visceral, spiral, embodied, non-linear, non-rational way, and that presents a danger that many of us would rather avoid.

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