When I began teaching “Writing for Public Relations” back in November, I was determined that my students would learn not just about the proper techniques for writing press releases or communication strategies, but they would learn first and foremost what it takes to be a creative communicator who communicates with integrity and authenticity. (No spin doctors in this class!) I have hired a lot of PR professionals and I know that knowledge of techniques is secondary in value to creativity and integrity.

I was also determined that I would leave my students with more than just stronger writing capacity. I wanted to leave them with a sense of possibility, new trust in their own ability, a deeper desire to learn about the world, and a challenge to find some way to make the world a better place.

It may not have been what some expected to get from a Writing for PR class (and some days I felt like I was battling up-stream because most other teachers in the program taught differently), but I think it was a deeper and more meaningful experience this way.

Yesterday, before the final class of the session ended, I left them with this blessing:

May you find some place where you can do good work – the kind of work that calls you, energizes you, and gives you a reason to wake up in the morning.

May you always remember that whatever you do – even if it is sweeping hospital floors – is good and important work if you give your heart to it.

May you find your joy people – the kind of people who love and care for you, but also challenge you to do your best work.

May you trust yourself enough to follow the path that you delight in, whether or not others think it’s wise.

May you follow your passions and not simply settle for “good enough”.

May you find courage when the path feels too treacherous to pass.

May you find comfort when you face disappointment and discouragement.

May you find strength when the world feels like it is trying to weaken you.

May you find people to celebrate with you when you succeed.

May you always take delight in creativity and innovation and remember that “the way things have always been done” isn’t always the best way.

May you always remember to follow the rules that matter, and challenge the ones that only serve to get in the way of growth and creativity.

May you find happiness.

May you always live with authenticity and integrity.

And may you know love and contentment.

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