There’s been a longing in my heart for 14 years now. It’s a longing that has often left me feeling incomplete, lonely, lost, and perhaps even flawed in some way.

I have been longing for some book or workshop that would validate ME as a leader (in all my messy, creative, intuitive, contemplative, chaotic beauty), not try to make me conform to a leadership box that didn’t fit. I wanted someone to say “You’re okay. Your intuitive sense of what it takes to be a leader is not wrong. In fact, it’s very, very RIGHT.”

I wanted that, but I never found it. Not completely. Oh, I found whispers of it, in books by David Irvine, David Whyte, Michael Jones, Christina Baldwin, and others. And I found heaps of it at ALIA, but there was still something lacking. Something that spoke the truths I knew in my heart but had learned to doubt because they had been so overshadowed by other paradigms – more established and more acceptable ways of doing leadership.

In recent months, though, there has been a growing realization in my heart.

The answer to my own longing could be found in the deep places in my own heart.

The book I longed for, the workshop I dreamed of participating in – those were the gifts that were meant for ME to offer the world. I didn’t have to wait for them any longer. I simply had to open the door to them and let the words flow from the places in my heart where the wisdom, ideas, stories, and inspiration have been gathered.

I am releasing my VERY FIRST product for sale on this website and it comes straight from those deep places in my heart. It comes straight from years of longing, years of gathering stories, years of listening to the wisdom all around me and in my own soul, and years of a growing realization that the old paradigms don’t work anymore.

It is this… a workbook called How to Lead with your Paint Clothes on.

It is the wisdom I sought those many years ago when I began to doubt my own leadership because it didn’t fit the existing paradigms.

It is the wisdom I offer you, if you too feel like you’ve been swimming in the wrong tank for too long.

It is the wisdom of art brought into the world of leadership. It is the wisdom of creativity, chaos, courage, authenticity, curiosity, contemplation, and doodling.

It is for leaders, dreamers, parents, entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, dancers, and world-changers of all kinds.

It is for anyone who longs to use their artistic gifts to make a difference in the world.

There’s a workbook available, but there’s more. If you’ve felt like I did so many times in the last 14 years, I don’t want you to have to walk this journey alone. I’m also offering a learning circle and the opportunity to have one-on-one mentorship with me.

Go here to find out more. You can download the first 8 pages free.

This is not an expensive product. I’ve made it affordable (only $30 for the workbook, and more if you want to be part of the learning circle or be mentored) so that it can be accessible to all kinds of leaders, including those who are just beginning to trust that intuitive voice inside themselves.

Please share this with your friends. Because I KNOW that I’m not the only one who’s tired of trying to fit into the old paradigms.

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