– Pelicans. I’ve seen more of them this Spring than ever and I just love the way they glide through the air in giant, lazy, graceful circles.

– Birthday lunch with my 14 year old daughter Julie on a patio yesterday afternoon.

ALIA. I’ll be there at this time next week with my tribe, soaking in the wisdom, and being awakened to new ideas and possibilities.

– Lilacs. I can’t walk past a blooming lilac bush without stopping to smell the blossoms.

– New, soft growth on evergreen trees. I can’t resist reaching out to touch.

– Interesting clients who let me serve as midwife for their stories. This is more fun than I could have imagined.

– Interesting members of my Paint Clothes learning circle. I can hardly imagine more fascinating and deeply honest conversations. They energize me to do more of this work.

– Friends. And the fact that I get to hang out with several of them at ALIA and another one after ALIA.

– Princess Bride, and the giggles I had with friends and followers on Facebook & Twitter as we shared favourite quotes.

– Books, books, and more books. (My “Sophia Reads” page is updated with new recommendations.)

– Hope showing up in some places that seemed hopeless a few months ago.

– Arizona Green Tea with ginseng & honey.

– A healed foot injury that means I can go for long walks and runs again. (Note: for those who remember that I was going to run the half marathon, well, I’m not. I missed a month of training and I’m just not up for it, but I’m going to do the 10 k walk this Sunday instead. And I continue to train for the 100 km. walk in September.)

This work I get to do. Today I am filled with gratitude that I was chosen for this amazing work and that I get to interact with such an amazing circle of people in the process.



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