On January 1, 2011, I finally started writing the memoir that had been percolating in my head for a few years. It’s about loss, growth, spiritual transformation, grief, pain, and the everyday beauty of life. I finished the first draft some time in the summer, and last month I decided that I wanted to finish the re-write before the end of the year. Yesterday, I finished it!

You know what else? That’s only one of the many things I’ve done this year. When I look back, I realize that I’ve done a LOT!

– I wrote a guest post for Magpie Girl, Rachelle Mee-Chapman (which helped inspire the thread for my book).

– I took a painting class and learned to use acrylics.

– I taught 5 classes and 1 seminar in the University of Winnipeg’s Professional Development program. I marked a lot of papers and exams. (And I just signed another 6 contracts for the next few months.)

– I worked as a story midwife for three people bringing books into the world.

– I created an art journaling workshop for the Spring edition of Connie Hozvicka’s 21 Secrets.

– I went on a solitary writing retreat.

– I spoke to a local business club about creative leadership.

– I produced a free e-book, Sophia Rises, with contributions from 21 wise friends.

– I launched my monthly newsletter in March and have sent out an edition each month since. (Sign up in that box on the right if you’re not already a subscriber.)

– I hosted an interview series called “Let go of the ground” about surrender and transformation, and interviewed Jen Louden, Desiree Adaway, Julie Daley, Barbara Winter, Cath Duncan, Chris Zydel, Tara Sophia Mohr, Amy OscarChristine Claire Reed and Connie Hozvicka.

– I created an e-workbook and course called How to Lead with Your Paint Clothes on and I led a circle of emerging leaders through the first offering of the course.

– I facilitated a workshop at a local leadership learning institute about How to Lead with Your Paint Clothes On.

– I interviewed 14 ALIA faculty members and created videos about what three words they believe contribute to change for good.

– On my 45th birthday, I launched an e-course called A Path for Wanderers and Edge-walkers. While I wrote the weekly emails and gathered interview responses, I did a lot of wandering.

– I attended ALIA Summer Institute in Columbus, Ohio, participated in their harvest team, did some graphic facilitation and story hosting, and was inspired in my leadership journey.

– I did some freelance writing for a variety of clients.

– I led a couple of leadership workshops for the Prairie Leadership Development Network, including one on community building vs. team building.

– I volunteered for a young feminists gathering.

– I went on a canoe trip with an amazing group of women.

– I created a free e-book full of tips from 26 writers on writing to impact change.

– I wrote a guest post about the benefits of walking for Dumb Little Man.

– I walked 100 km. on the Kidney March with Cath Duncan and Christina Greenway. I helped raise a lot of money for the Kidney Foundation.

– I was featured on the front page of our community newspaper in a story about the 100 km. walk.

– I taught an 8 week course in Creative Writing for Self Discovery.

– I created an e-book on Meaningful & Mindful Engagement in Social Media and helped a few clients expand their social media circles.

– I wrote a guest post for Oh These Wild Women: Stories from the Tribe on Roots of She.

– I taught a workshop on Emotional and Social Intelligence.

– I attended a workshop on Narrative Coaching with Dr. David Drake.

– I launched Global Listeners together with Desiree Adaway and together we hosted two learning calls about deep and soulful listening and community-building.

– I visited Occupy Toronto and was very moved by the experience.

– I started making mandalas more regularly and developed a process for question mandalas.

– I served on the board of UNPAC, a local organization committed to women’s equality and empowerment. I designed their annual report.

– I gathered a circle of local creative women entrepreneurs.

– I contributed to three books (two e-books and one hard copy – due out early in the new year).

– I became a faculty member for the Creative Grief Coaching Certificate program.

– I wrote 162 blog posts.

– I cooked a lot of meals, comforted crying children, went to a lot of sporting events, worked on keeping my marriage alive, spent a lot of time with friends, sat by my mom’s bed while she recovered from cancer surgery, went on a vacation to the beach, walked all over the city, washed a lot of laundry, connected with new friends, took a lot of photos, and did all of those other ordinary, beautiful things one gets to do in this one wild, precious life.


One of my challenges in the full time jobs I’ve had in the past is that I couldn’t always find enough variety to satisfy my curious, wandering, passionate heart.

Judging by this vast list of interesting things I’ve done this year, I’ve found the right path for me. More to come in 2012!

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