Be mesmerized. Stare at the branches swaying outside your window and let them hypnotize you. Don’t stop staring until there is nothing new to see there.

Be passionate. Let your heart love what it loves, and let your feet move to the rhythm that lifts them off the ground.

Be curious. Step outside your door and head in the direction of whatever you’re curious about. Stop to notice the tiny details you forgot to see the hundreds of times you passed by them before.

Be in love. Give your heart away every day, not once, but a thousand times. Let your life be broken open with love.

Be forgiving. Let other people’s mistakes wash past you like waves heading back to the ocean. Don’t hold onto them lest they drown you.

Be unapologetic. Live fully and boldly in your own skin, without apologizing for who or what you are. Don’t listen when others try to shame you or silence your voice.

Be playful. Skip down the street. Play with crayons. Tell jokes in board meetings. Remember what it’s like to lose yourself in unadulterated play for a whole delicious afternoon.

Be vulnerable. Crack your heart open and share the stories buried there. Cry at sad movies. Let people hug you. Be open to possibilities and let your tenderness be your strength.

Be courageous. Try the thing that scares you the most. Climb to the top of the tower. Line up a public speaking gig. Step boldly into your big, beautiful life and don’t let the fear monsters hold you back.

Be colourful. Wear that crazy rainbow scarf you bought on a whim. Put on the red boots and strut down the street. Add more colour to your next powerpoint presentation. Throw some paint on your walls.

Be yourself. Let people into your life, but don’t let them change you. Offer them the best of who you truly are. Be who your deepest gut is telling you to be.

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