Last week was full of teaching. LOTS of teaching. In four different subject areas.

I taught six hours of writing for public relations, six hours of effective facilitation, six hours of tools for social media visibility, and two and a half hours of creative discovery.

And in between all of that teaching, I had to create curriculum for all of those courses – from scratch. And I had to mark papers for two of the courses.

That, my friends, is some serious teaching exhaustion.

And then, on Friday evening, at the end of it all, I had to muster the energy to go on the radio to talk about some of the teaching I do (on mandalas, creativity, and community-building). By then, my head was spinning with all of the subject matter my head has been dabbling in. (To hear the interview, click here, enter March 16th at 8 pm, and then wait about 15 minutes before my interview starts.)

Needless to say, I had to spend much of the weekend recovering my energy. Fortunately, the weather was lovely, and I had a chance to wander in the woods, walk the labyrinth, do some mandala journaling outside, and have a wiener roast in celebration of my youngest daughter’s tenth birthday.

Yes, I was exhausted and needed to fill my tank, but underneath that exhaustion was an even stronger current, helping me to sustain the energy to carry on.

More than anything, I feel deeply privileged.

I am privileged:

– to be part of the learning journey of so many interesting students.

– to be able to “pay it forward” and share the wisdom that I’ve gained from many wise teachers who’ve inspired me on my own learning journey.

– to have students who come from all over the world (in one class, there are 8 countries represented) to study in Canada.

– to be able to dive deeply into topics that interest me, so that I can learn enough to inspire my students.

– to be on the receiving end of many, many stories.

– to have had so many vast and interesting experiences and learnings in my life that I can now be qualified enough to teach.

– to be able to help people find their unique paths in the world.

– to learn as much from my students as they learn from me.

– to have this much variety in my life to keep my inner “scanner” happy.

– to sit in circle with interesting people and find community in the classroom.

This is a good life.

It’s exhausting, and some days are very, very hard. But most days, it’s a privilege to teach.

This weekend, when I wasn’t wandering around outside, I finished making personalized mandala journals for the people who’ll be participating in Mandala Discovery. Happy that I soon get to connect with another circle of interesting people in yet another course, I poured a little love and goodness into each journal. It was a privilege to make special gifts for each person and know that they will soon be in my life, and I will get to sit in another circle (albeit a virtual one) and hear more stories. I only hope that receiving these journals is as special for them as making them was for me.

After finishing the journals, I edited the following video where some of the wise women who I got to learn from each week in my Creative Discovery class (that is sadly now over) share their experience. Watch it, and you will understand just how privileged I am.

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