At least once a year for the last dozen years, I have gone away for a personal retreat for a day or two or three. It’s a practice that has become crucial to my self-care. Sometimes I go when I need clarity on a new project or new direction in my life, sometimes I go when I’m deep in grief, sometimes I go to mark an important milestone, and sometimes I go just to be nourished.

It’s very simple, really – find an inexpensive place to go (for $70, I get a private room and three meals at the local monastery, or you could ask a friend who’s out of town if you can house-sit for her), bring the things that matter to you, tell your family it’s important, and go. When you get there, disconnect from all social media and don’t turn on the TV.

Here’s a short photo essay to help you imagine your own personal retreat.

1. retreat - place2. retreat - books & shawl3. retreat - journal4. retreat - sacred space5. retreat - go outside6. retreat - angels7. retreat - art8. retreat - mangos9. retreat - saints

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