Circle art, created on retreat last summer

Circle art, created on retreat last summer

Yesterday, as I contemplated whether I should revive/re-write the book I set aside over a year ago, a hit of inspiration came to me. “Circling Around to This”. That’s the new title for the book.

And this morning, this is what poured out…

I keep circling around to this.
This longing.
This gradual awakening.
This ache for that which has no words.

I keep circling around to this.
This desire for understanding.
This hunger for faith that fits my feminine shape.
This question that has no answer.

I keep circling and circling
And gradually I am finding
That the circling is the thing.

The circling is the ONLY thing.

This circling is what teaches me
What awakens me
What feeds me
What holds me in the darkness.

This circling is my path to the Divine,
My path to myself,
My path to you,
My path to all that is holy.

This circling is the ecstasy
The agony
The grief
The longing
The delight
And all that lies between.

This circling is the Goddess

This circling is what’s shaking me
Out of complacency
Into the edge of my imagination
Out of fear
Into my primal courage.

I keep circling around to this
and the circle is guiding me home.

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