5 responses to “What happens when you find your tribe?”

  1. Chris Mann

    Hi Heather –

    Thanks for this great blog. I’m so happy for you that you have found your tribe! All your hard work searching and struggling paid off. The retreat in Florida recently sounded truly incredible. I agree with you 100%: “When you find your tribe, and they accept you for who you are and believe you are capable of greatness, it can change your life.” Thanks for acknowledging that many of us have more lonely times than we like to admit. I have found 1 small and wonderful tribe of about 10 people – my Soul Time friends. We have an annual retreat and get together a few times through the year as we are able to. Of course our time together rarely feels like enough! In the fullness of time, I hope to find more circles where I am seen, known and appreciated so I can continue to do my best work in the world. And I want to offer the capacity to see, know and appreciate others so they too know they are capable of greatness and will become all they are meant to be!

  2. Barbara Belknap

    Once again you have captured the essence of my own feelings in exquisite prose. I just got home yesterday. I’ve had no chance to process my emotions or even look at my notes. But you’ve given me a blueprint. Thank you and welcome home.

  3. Shelby Anderson

    I’m grateful to my friend, Joan, for sending this to me. The concerns talked about in this letter are so familiar to me. Since I connected with the Grandmothers Gathering in Alabama many moons ago…that has been my connection. I’m so grateful for that..I’ll be attending again this Spring. It’s great to have another source for this kind of connection… Shelby

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  5. Trin

    A friend of mine sent me a link to your post. At first glance, I didn’t understand why he sent me here but as I read it, the light dawned. I too have “found my tribe”. It was in the most unlikely of places. I started playing on online game called Clash of Clans. We join a clan, and can chat with these people in a closed environment. I am a 40 something woman who has a lot of trouble relating to women. Well here was a whole group of 40something men who just GET me. I can totally be myself and have let my guard down. While playing an addictive kids’ game, we share real issues that are on our hearts, we are as immature and silly as could possibly be, tell highly inappropriate jokes, and I, for the first time, feel like I’m part of a group instead of just observing from the sidelines. It really does change you.

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