5 responses to “My pause for radical self-care (and what happened as a result)”

  1. Rhonda Ransford

    This is so good Heather. Beautifully written to enable me to also reflect on when I am over doing it in the craziness of life. I am thinking of you and holding you. All the best while you rest and get ready for the best ahead.

    Rhonda Ransford

  2. Georgia Bailey

    Dear Heather,

    I am so grateful that you took this precious time for you.

    As much as I wanted to write, I was also at that wobbling time and knew that the best I could support you was to support me, send you prayers when I could.

    You are in my heart as I hold my own heart

    Take care dear companion …..

    “Wrapping you in love”



  3. Janet Howell

    Thankyou so much for these lovely words of wisdom….i too have been extremely wobbly for quite some time…i am slowly addressing these wobbles…but i think it will take some time and lots of decision making…a journey that is a little scary but needs to be traveled…its always a delight when words like these enter into your being….most appropriate timing…..i will definately reflect on these words in my time of healing……..i hope you are feeling more nutured now….Thankyou again

  4. Sabine

    Once again, you have written exactely waht I needed to hear just now.
    Thanks :)

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    […] In the Spring of 2016, just when I was looking for more of these kinds of books, something happened in my personal life that derailed my year-long commitment and made the absence of these voices even more obvious. As I’ve written before, I hit burnout. A combination of stresses in my life – divorce, single parenthood, home renovations, and the continued high demands that followed my viral blog post – left me feeling wobbly and exhausted. I stepped off social media, pulled away from some of my commitments, and sought therapy to help me get my feet back on the ground. […]

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