3 responses to “On grief, longing, and intimacy”

  1. Cherrie Adams

    Such a timely article Heather. I have just finished penning my own reflections on Grief! As 2016 races to its conclusion, I have wondered how to relate to my ongoing grief. Losing loved ones is a void, a vacuum that never feels capable of re filling. I loved your insights into connection and intimacy. I had not recognised that part of my grief was due to the lack of intimacy I shared with these loved ones. First level, changing to second level you suggested. I had felt it had completely gone…….perhaps not.

    Thankyou for your, always, gentle hearted, space holding insights.

    May 2017 abundantly bring you intimacy in the manner that you seek.


  2. Neda Gaspar

    Thank you dear Heather for your beautiful words of wisdom. Being well over 65 now, I’ve become better acquainted with the senior population and see only too well how lonely many of this precious group of people are. Many of us live now without that first level of intimacy, and the longing, at least for myself, never or rarely subsides. Gratefully it does become a beautiful even gentle companion in many ways. It allows me to go deeper into life, deeper into my own truth. My experience has been that Truth has a way of tenderly holding me/us in the longing, and generously bestows a sweet acceptance of what is. May 2017 bring all beings the intimacy they need. warm hugs to you little friend.

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