It’s been an emotionally heavy month in an emotionally heavy year. Some days, it feels like my heart doesn’t know where to land anymore. I have been torn apart by some pretty significant work challenges, relationship challenges, leadership challenges, parenting challenges, marriage challenges, and any number of ordinary day-to-day life challenges.

It hasn’t all been bad, but sometimes it feels like I would do almost anything for just a bit of good news for a change, or just a few weeks of carefree, easy living.

With that in mind, when Jamie asked “what do you wish to experience” for this week’s Wishcasting Wednesday, I thought “oh my – it’s Spring, with Summer just around the corner – and I want to experience SO much of what is good and easy and light-hearted and beautiful in the world.”

I don’t need blow-your-mind big moments, I just need a good long series of simple, good things. So here are some of those things I wish to experience:

  • A retreat. A few days of delicious, non-guilt-inducing, non-heavy-thinking, simple, refreshing retreat.
  • A few dozen long, luxurious, wind-at-your-back bike rides, with or without companions.
  •  Some photo walks, where I get lost behind the lens, staring at bees landing on flowers, broken glass on the sidewalk, or the way the setting sun sets the leaves aglow.
  • Campfires. A drink in hand, the ingredients for s’mores nearby, the crackling fire, and some of the easy people in my life relaxing in lawnchairs around the circle.
  • Spontaneous beach days with my daughters. Sand between the toes, ice cream treats, sunshine.
  • Quiet moments with a paintbrush and an idea, hiding in my studio/sanctuary.
  • A road trip. Laughing in the car, stopping for snacks and pee-breaks, hours and hours of staring out the window.
  • Time to write this idea that keeps burning in my brain.
  • Lovely little Folk Festival moments – listening to music, hanging out with my sister, watching the dragonflies flutter past.
  • Positive changes. Something shifting in the areas of my life that feel stuck. Emerging from this tunnel into the Summer sunshine.
  • Connections. A few deep and honest conversations with safe people who wake me up to new truths.
  • Rest. (Can we get back to that retreat? Oh how I long for it!)
  • Mostly I just want to experience an easy stretch on this “journey” I’m on this year. A straight stretch of road, with lovely scenery where nothing jumps out on the road ahead of me and no storm clouds blur the view.

That’s enough for now. It doesn’t seem like too tall an order, does it?

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