An end of summer sale, in honour of ME! (And you!)

Which way shall I wander next?

At the beginning of this summer, I turned 45. It was kind of a big deal – a mid-way point in my life.

When I turned 45, I decided that, instead of getting all serious and introspective (like I am inclined to do), I would do something fun to honour what I like about myself.

And so I created the e-course “A Path for Wanderers and Edge-walkers” and started writing lessons about what it means to be a wanderer, a globe-trotter, an edge-walker, a gypsy, a gadabout… in other words, what it means to be ME.

And then I spent much of the summer wandering. I wandered through my city, I wandered on beaches, I wandered through the woods… I wandered on foot, I wandered by bicycle, and I wandered by canoe. While I wandered, I came up with lessons and inspirations and I TOOK GREAT DELIGHT IN MY WANDERING! Not only that, but I learned a lot from it and realized that my wandering edge-walking spirit is one of my greatest strengths. You can see a lot from the edge that people in the centre can’t see.

Now I have completed 12 lessons in the series (none of which I wrote at home – it seems I needed to be doing the wandering in order to write about it), and it is some of my very favourite writing ever. It’s writing that stretched me to think outside the box, to re-define myself, to dig into my spiritual self, to re-imagine the world, and to see other people differently.  I hope it will stretch you too.

One of the things I learned this summer is that not only am I a wanderer and an edge-walker, but most of the members of the tribe I tend to gather around myself are wanderers and edge-walkers too.

Here’s a quote from someone who’s been enjoying the series this summer:

“Heather’s unique blend of practical wisdom, passion & creativity is reflected so eloquently here. She instinctively knows how best to inspire & encourage, capturing perfectly the deep yearning of every edge-walker & wide-eyed wanderer! The rich mix of personal story-telling (with corresponding photographs), a treasure trove of insightful interviews plus a wealth of probing questions, provides the reader with much to ponder. It is both challenging, hugely inspirational & deeply uplifting – a real treat! Thank you!” – Jo Hassan

Last week I spent a good deal of time compiling all 12 lessons into an e-book. When I wander, I like to take photographs, and this e-book not only has 115 pages of juicy, rich, inspiring content, it also contains 115 of my original photographs from my global wanderings.

I am so in love with this product that I want to share it with everyone.

Here’s a list of the lesson titles:

1. Permission to be a wanderer

2. What does your Wandering say about You?

3. Risk Making Connections

4. The Wanderer at the Edge – On Naming Ourselves

5. When Journeys Change us – Slowing Down to the Speed of Soul

6. Curiosity DIDN’T kill the cat – Life as a Learning Journey

7. At the Halfway Point – Self-care for Wanderers & Wandering as Self-care

8. Following the Thread – A Wanderer’s Journey

9. Like the Wild Prairies, Remember your Nature

10. The Blessing of the Pelicans – Guidance in the Wandering

11. Wander to the Right – Playing with your Brain

12. Wandering as Spiritual Quest

Each of these lessons includes an interview with another wonderful wanderer. Find out who they are here.

For a sample lesson, click here.

Since it’s nearing the end of summer, I’m in a good mood, and I’m in the final stretch of preparing for my 100 km. wander in early September, I want to give you the chance to buy “A Path for Wanderers & Edge-walkers” for half price.

That’s just $12.50 for 115 pages of juicy, fun, challenging content. (But only until the September 7, and then it goes back to its regular price of $25.)

To learn more about it click here. On that page, you’ll have the option of buying it as a set of emails that you receive each week for 12 weeks or as a complete 115 page e-book.

If you already know that you want the complete e-book, go ahead and click “Add to cart” below.
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I wish…

It’s been an emotionally heavy month in an emotionally heavy year. Some days, it feels like my heart doesn’t know where to land anymore. I have been torn apart by some pretty significant work challenges, relationship challenges, leadership challenges, parenting challenges, marriage challenges, and any number of ordinary day-to-day life challenges.

It hasn’t all been bad, but sometimes it feels like I would do almost anything for just a bit of good news for a change, or just a few weeks of carefree, easy living.

With that in mind, when Jamie asked “what do you wish to experience” for this week’s Wishcasting Wednesday, I thought “oh my – it’s Spring, with Summer just around the corner – and I want to experience SO much of what is good and easy and light-hearted and beautiful in the world.”

I don’t need blow-your-mind big moments, I just need a good long series of simple, good things. So here are some of those things I wish to experience:

  • A retreat. A few days of delicious, non-guilt-inducing, non-heavy-thinking, simple, refreshing retreat.
  • A few dozen long, luxurious, wind-at-your-back bike rides, with or without companions.
  •  Some photo walks, where I get lost behind the lens, staring at bees landing on flowers, broken glass on the sidewalk, or the way the setting sun sets the leaves aglow.
  • Campfires. A drink in hand, the ingredients for s’mores nearby, the crackling fire, and some of the easy people in my life relaxing in lawnchairs around the circle.
  • Spontaneous beach days with my daughters. Sand between the toes, ice cream treats, sunshine.
  • Quiet moments with a paintbrush and an idea, hiding in my studio/sanctuary.
  • A road trip. Laughing in the car, stopping for snacks and pee-breaks, hours and hours of staring out the window.
  • Time to write this idea that keeps burning in my brain.
  • Lovely little Folk Festival moments – listening to music, hanging out with my sister, watching the dragonflies flutter past.
  • Positive changes. Something shifting in the areas of my life that feel stuck. Emerging from this tunnel into the Summer sunshine.
  • Connections. A few deep and honest conversations with safe people who wake me up to new truths.
  • Rest. (Can we get back to that retreat? Oh how I long for it!)
  • Mostly I just want to experience an easy stretch on this “journey” I’m on this year. A straight stretch of road, with lovely scenery where nothing jumps out on the road ahead of me and no storm clouds blur the view.

That’s enough for now. It doesn’t seem like too tall an order, does it?


On wish-casting Wednesday, I wish to savour sunshine, stillness, family, beauty… and all of these lovely things:
My horribly cute nephew…

My equally cute (and somewhat goofy) daughter and niece…
Making faces

The magic of birth (and a little nostalgia for me and my farm-raised siblings)…
New calf

Maddie’s magical fort (with a TV on the ceiling, a magic bookcase that turns the pages for you when you’re tired, a kitchen that cooks anything you want, and a club membership that guarantees you a free trip to Spain and Disneyland every year!)…
Maddy in her fort

And a small taste of my new creative venture…

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