4 responses to “Learning not to over-explain myself”

  1. Cile

    It is amazing what a walk can do to realign oneself with ones soul. I fall into this explaining trap in writing so much I expect to have to go back and throw it out. I always feel like I am really explaining things to myself first before a reader. Writing is such an interesting enterprise. Bravo on going the distance on the memoir!

  2. Irene

    “Be concise. Say what you want to say”. These are the best words I ever heard, and when my thoughts get muddled I say them out loud, and start deleting.

  3. Go ahead and take it personally - Heather Plett

    […] If it’s worth investing in, I usually respond with a much shorter email (remembering that I don’t have to over-explain myself), expressing gratitude for whatever I gained in the exchange and releasing what isn’t mine to […]

  4. Zach

    Inspirational post! Thanks!

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