What I’ve been thinking about lately

Healing money-related trauma

Yesterday I did something BIG. It was so big that it left me trembling and in tears. Finally, after nearly nine years of being in business, I passed all of the bookkeeping duties for my business over to an accountant. I opened my books and showed EVERYTHING to another...

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Time for Growth

Here in the northern hemisphere, the wild and unruly growth of Spring and early Summer has passed. The grass in my backyard doesn’t need to be cut very often anymore and the weeds have grown lacklustre in their efforts to take over the property. It’s harvest season,...

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Power saws and wild women

  Listen to me read this post...     “Can you believe my mom built an ACTUAL couch?!” Those words made me chuckle when my daughter said them to her friend. Every mom secretly covets a Daughter Brag, especially from a teenager. Yes, I built a couch. And...

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The beauty of having space held for you

Listen to this post...   I have a confession to make. I’m not very good at letting people hold space for me. It’s true. I’ve built my work around what it means to hold space, and I understand how valuable it is, and yet… I often bump up against resistance around...

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What if I’m not a “nice girl” anymore?

I have been well trained to be a nice girl. So well trained, in fact, that, decades after that training took place, my body still goes into spasms whenever I even slightly deviate from the “nice girl” rule book. Let me tell you… when you’re...

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