What I’ve been thinking about lately

Forgiveness and the death of my son

If it hadn’t been for doctors’ errors, I would have a sixteen-year-old son. Halfway through my third pregnancy, I could sense that something was wrong. My body didn’t feel right. “I feel like I have to re-adjust my hips every time I stand up to avoid the baby dropping...

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Centring marginalized voices and decolonizing my bookshelf

At the beginning of 2016, I made a commitment to read only books by authors who weren’t from the dominant culture. My intent was to broaden my education and stretch myself by staying away from books written by white able-bodied cisgender heterosexuals. Books have...

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How to start a women’s circle

Tonight is my weekly women’s circle, and I’m looking forward to it as I always do. It’s not a perfect space (we are all human and we don’t always know how to hold space for each other), but it is beautifully imperfect. We show up - sometimes 2 women and sometimes 12 -...

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Learning to listen

  My three daughters are all very different in how they view the world, how they communicate and how they process emotions. One of the most challenging things I’ve had to learn as their mom is that I have to listen to them differently. One is introverted and...

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Trauma and Trump

I first noticed it while watching the first presidential debate. When Trump spent the whole time interrupting Hillary Clinton, belittling her, and standing behind her in an intimidating way while she spoke, I was so shaken up that I could barely stand it. This wasn't...

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Walking each other home

I had an experience earlier this week that won't leave me alone. This is my first attempt at giving meaning to something that I may still be processing weeks from now... I had left my vehicle parked on the street and was walking toward the restaurant where I was...

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