What I’ve been thinking about lately

Celebrating small victories together

Yesterday, for the first time in the twenty-five years since I owned my first vehicle, I figured out how to change a burnt out lightbulb on my van’s turn signal. After that, I changed the broken windshield wiper. And in both cases, I’d bought the right ones for my...

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The long journey to healing

As a coach and facilitator, I have the honour and privilege of walking alongside people on the journey to healing and transformation. As I hold space for them, they teach me many things. One of the most important things I've learned in this work is that the journey...

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Coming undone in the hardware store

Starting October 1st, I'll be teaching a new online writing course called Open Heart, Moving Pen. Here's a little of my own openhearted writing from this past weekend... Sometimes you come undone in the heating vent aisle at the hardware store. It's a simple decision...

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Going down to the bone

I am going down to the bone. A deep cleanse, a stripping away - like a diamond cutter chipping away the grit to reveal the sparkle. This week, there was a large dumpster parked in front of my house. In went the old couches whose springs no longer held their shape....

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Tips for helping the bereaved

Long before I ever heard the term "holding space", I was paying attention to my early understanding of the concept. In fact, thirteen years ago, before blogs were popular and before social media arrived, I had my first "mini-viral" article about supporting people in...

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