What I’ve been thinking about lately

When you hold space for someone with mental illness

(Trigger warning: suicide) The first time it happened, I was five months pregnant with our first baby. It started with panic attacks. My then-husband was starting a new job with greater responsibility and, coupled with the expectancy of fatherhood, he was feeling...

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When shame-brain meets the mistake monster

I cut off someone in traffic recently. It was completely my fault. I wasn’t paying enough attention and drifted into the other lane when mine was suddenly blocked off for construction. The moment I realized what I’d done, though, shame-brain quickly tried to find...

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What came first – the trauma or the patriarchy?

Sometimes you don’t know that you know something until you hear the words come out of your mouth. That’s how it was when I said these words a few weeks ago, while teaching my Holding Space Coach/Facilitator Program… “Trauma is the soil in which the patriarchy has...

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Tips for social media engagement

Not sure how to engage in healthy conversations online? Here are some tips: If they didn’t ask for advice or fixing, don’t assume that they want it. If you don’t want advice or fixing, go ahead and say you don’t want it. If you weren’t there, don’t assume you know...

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